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iLife Bible ReviewThis book is chock full of great information and little gems of tips covering the entire suite of Apple's iLife products. By 'potentially expensive' I mean that I am just about ready to plunk down the cash for a nice DV camera because Cohen's book makes the iMovie/iDVD products sound very exciting. Who could have imagined being able to produce high quality videos on a personal computer just a few years ago.
And there are lots of wonderful tips that I've found to be extremely helpful. For instance, making bulk changes to iTunes track information (pg. 54). And putting together 'smart playlists' (pg. 75)! Neat! I also found the overview of page construction for iPhoto a real timesaver (pg. 176); and I'm looking forward to using the various titling options (Pg. 277) and transition effects (pg. 312) when my DV camera arrives!
Very valuable! If you're interested in getting the full potential out of the iLife products then you should seriously consider the iLife Bible by Dennis Cohen.iLife Bible Overview* A complete resource manual for Apple's recently introduced iLife digital media suite, which includes iPhoto 2, iTunes 3, iMovie 3, and iDVD 3, re-engineered to work together seamlessly* The iLife suite comes standard on new Macs and is available on disk for older Macs; applications deal with digital photography, audio, video editing, and DVD creation and burning* Covers all the latest enhancements to each application, complete with tricks, tips, and tutorials, plus a guide to using the applications together and with selected third-party software for more sophisticated projects* Provides all the necessary information for beginners, as well as coverage of higher-end programs that do more than the pre-installed versions, for those who want to advance their skills to a higher level* Written by a crack team of experts, Mac software developer Dennis Cohen and Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus

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